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The Rural Neighborhoods of Niagara-on-the Lake are a quilted patchwork of Agricultural Land and Houses on roadways know as Concessions and Lines. Some properties have large acreage, some planted with Vines, Peaches, or Seasonal Vegetables, some with Green houses, some with Barns and Storage Facilities and some are ideal for the Weekend Gentleman Farmer, looking for peace and privacy on a pretty parcel. Niagara-on-the-Lake Rural is home to a proud Menonite Community, Wine Growers, Landscapers, Small Business Owners, Bed and Breakfast Establishments, and families looking for a quiet and laid back lifestyle. Housing stock offers many choices with new Custom homes, Ranch Bungalows, Luxury Private Compounds, Farm houses and 1960’s style homes. Most Rural Properties have few city services. Septic, Wells or Cisterns, are de rigeur. Some have gas lines, some don’t. Some have Oil Tanks. Some Propane. In other words, there are no Cookie Cutters to Rural Properties. You need to buy with knowledge. We have tremendous experience with these unique variables. Call/text/email us to discuss what property you are considering.