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Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. However, it is our belief that with the Miller Group by your side, buying a home can be a satisfying and successful transaction.

By tapping our wealth of local knowledge, contacts and resources, our buyers are better positioned to find and secure the home of their choice on the best possible terms and price. In many cases, our local and prominent presence in the industry has given our buyers additional advantages. For example, in some cases we are able to tap our network and find “off market” properties for our clients. Often we have an intimate knowledge of a property through past listings or offers. In other cases, our credibility and track record with our colleagues has helped our clients win the property of their choice in competitive situations. Working with the Miller Group in Niagara puts you at an advantage that no out of town agent can offer.

We provide the following services for our buyer clients:

Help you understand what you're looking for.

We make sure you have a firm grasp on what you’re looking for and we may also try to challenge your thinking. There is an expression in this business ” Buyers are liars”. It sounds a little harsh but really it speaks to a commonality. As an example, a buyer may ask to look at bungalows only. Searches are sent by email and appointments are made. Now 3 months into their search, they realize they want and need a two storey home. We ask you the right questions to help you understand what you really need and want to purchase, so time, energy and most importantly, opportunity are not wasted.

Help walk you through the process.

Out of the gate, we walk you through the process, explain our role and also address the hard questions of agency and dual agency upfront. If you’d like, we can provide a blank copy of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale in our first meeting so that you can familiarize yourself with key terms. Too many buyers see the contract the first time the night they are writing an offer with an agent. That’s not how we would like to be treated, so we won’t be doing that to you.

In Depth neighbourhood knowledge.

We live here so we know Niagara. In many cases we know the history of a listing you maybe interested in. We have 22 years of combined experience with every kind of urban property, rural property, lake front property on both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, country estates, B and B’s, building lots, and commercial property. We have attended many a septic, cistern, well, and pool inspection for our clients. Coming from out of town? New to the Area? Consider supporting your new community and hiring a local agent. It will most likely put you at an advantage at the negotiating table. Your listing agent may be at a disadvantage selling you a home in an region they are not familiar with.

Help you with the finances. 

We have strong connections with a network of lenders. When we call on behave of our clients, they pick up! We like to think outside the box and when necessary, can come up with creative ways to finance a property(seller financing, for example)

Prepare you for the purchase. 

We educate yo so that when you find your ideal property, you’re ready to move quickly. Sometimes, this can mean the difference between getting and not getting the home of your choice, and in some cases, can save you money.

Make efficient use of your time.

We preview homes for you and eliminate ones that won’t work, thereby make the best use of your time. We also use technology to make your life easier.

Listen to your feedback/ Tell you the good and the bad.

You’d be amazed how many times we hear clients complain that their old buyer’s agent kept showing them homes that they didn’t want to see. We are also here to tell you about the benefits and drawbacks of potential properties.

Manage the post offer process 

Once you have a conditional offer, we walk you through and help coordinate all the steps that happen before firming up your offer. Typically , these include inspections(home, maybe electric and plumbing, pool, septic, cistern, well, WETT), the obtaining of estimates, negotiating and managing repairs, coordinating bank appraisals, securing final loan commitments, document review ( i.e. obtaining and delivery of condo status certificate documents to your lawyer for review), final walk-through, etc.

Provide you with resources.

We have a network of contractors and service providers to help you have a smooth closing, do your due diligence and maintain/improve your home.

GTA Buyers

And we get this completely. It’s why we work and live here. We share your Passion for Niagara! If you are thinking of making the move down here, please give us a call. We’d be happy to tour you around the different towns and cities of Niagara. Let our local expertise help you establish the right neighbourhood and equally as important, a good price for you to offer. And if you are considering being represented by your GTA agent down here in Niagara, ask yourself this very simple question. Would you have a Niagara Agent List and Sell your home in the GTA? If yes, then please, contact us and we’d be happy to list your home! In all seriousness, more often then you think, an out of town agent will not understand our pricing and with that you run the risk of paying more than the true value of the home. If your listing agent is a family member or a close friend and it’s important to have your Listing Agent involved in your Niagara purchase, kindly let us know. We’d be happy to pay them a referral fee for your introduction. We will treat your Listing agent as part of our team and you will benefit from our local expertise and negotiating skills.