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  • Only a Toronto Brokerage in Niagara can attract a Toronto Buyer?


    We have worked with many out of town buyers from the Beaches, Lawrence Park, Don Mills, Etobicoke/Islington, Oakwille, Markham, Unionville, Whitby, Pickering, London, Barrie, Kingston, Ottawa, Nova Scotia, BC, Winnipeg… get the picture.

  • A Toronto Buyer will look at the Toronto Real Estate Board Listings to find your Niagara Property?


    Only an Agent can view the Toronto Real Estate Board and its listings. If you want to have your home listed on this board, we will, but understand it is only for professionals to view.

  • The majority of Toronto buyers use their Toronto Agents


    Most understand that a local Niagara agent like the Miller Group, will have better intel on the property they are interested in.

  • Your property will be found by the Toronto Buyer on Realtor .ca


    It is the “go to site” for all Buyers. That’s why professional pictures and thoughtful descriptions of your property matter so much. The Miller Group excels at communicating the narrative of your home.

  • Does Web presence matter?


    This is why The Miller Group has invested heavily in this website and market to insta-gram, facebook, and you tube with our Drone Videos of our marketed properties.

    We know today’s savvy buyer will first look on line before they drive down to Niagara.

  • Do Open Houses Matter?


    We have found that today’s Buyer wants the freedom to view a property without obligation to an Agent. An open house allows them to do just that. Once in the door, we can introduce them to the many features of your beautiful home and pre-qualify them at the same time. Call us to ask us how we do this.


  • Niagara is prettier than Toronto?

    Traffic and subway delays are more fun than sipping wine and walking through vineyards?

    You tell us……..



  • Real Estate Agents can show you any listing.


    The Miller Group can show you any listing on We can also show you Builder’s developments.  You tell us what you would like to see, and we will set up the appointment with the listing agent’s office.

  • Real Estate Agents are paid by the Buyer.


    The Seller provides the commission to the Listing Brokerage. Once the property closes,the Listing Brokerage pays the Miller Group. We only get paid once your sale is complete and monies have been transferred from the Buyer’s lawyer to the Seller’s lawyer.

  • A "Sale By Owner" property never pays a commission to a Real Estate Agent.


    More often than not, a Real Estate agent will represent a Buyer in a private sale or with a discount brokerage listing that is listed on It is rare that a Buyer and Seller will negotiate with out a professional involved. The stakes are high and little understanding of contract law can be risky business. Sure a lawyer will be involved, but they won’t be there for the home/cistern/water/ pool, septic/electrical/plumbing,foundation inspection, meetings with the planning department, zoning department, meeting with contractors/ meetings with the Seller, and the lawyer will charge you for their time….you get the idea. Before you consider listing privately or buying privately, please speak to us. We know a thing or two about the indisputable value of good representation.