Whether you have a pet or not, walking around the neighbourhood is always a great way to get the know your area and appreciate the beauty of where we live. But there is just something about the trails and being “off the leash” that truly brings a smile to my face!

Looking for something to do during Covid? I’ve got just the trail for you! The historic Commons located in Old Town Niagara-on-The-Lake, off of John Street, is the perfect place for an early morning, afternoon, or an evening stroll. Whether you’re with family and friends, or by yourself you’re sure to meet plenty of people (and pets) along this wonderful path. Some of it paved, some of it not, the Common’s loop surrounds a vast field where lots of dogs are bound to been seen playing! It is easily Blue’s favourite place to make new friends! ‘The Commons’ has been used to host Scout Camps, Battle Reenactments, and even some big name bands, like Mumford & Sons, Blue Rodeo, and the Tragically Hip, for exciting and impressively large Canada Day Concerts.

My favourite part about the Common’s, would be the trails located in the Carolinian forest that is between John Street and the Queen’s Parade. In here, you’ll find many trails weaving amongst the impressive Oak canopy, all eventually leading back to the larger loop or crossing to the forest that nears Fort George. Blue and I can get explore in there for hours!

Are there any path’s or enjoyable walk’s you’d recommend? Please let us know!

Happy trails!

Matt & Blue