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The Lakeshore Neighbourhood of Niagara-on-the-Lake starts near the mouth of the Welland Canal in St. Catharines(link) and follows the Lake shore of Lake Ontario as it meanders through a glorious green countryside of Vineyards, Wineries(link of Konzelman etc), Farm land, Peach Orchards, Seasonal Fruit Stands( link), and Cottage Country to the Gates of Historic Old Town on Mary St. Drive down one of the many Firelanes just off Lakeshore Road( yes that is what they are called and the name really tells the story; firetrucks need to know what small lane way you live on with many created for the farmers to move their equipment)and enter a very special world. Expect to find fabulous 4 Season Waterfront Luxury Properties neighbouring quaint Summer Cottages of days gone by. Looking for a Sunset? This is the place to be. The Lake front offers simply the best views of the Toronto Skyline and with the sun going down? Spectacular! Settle in with your Muskoka Chair and a glass of Niagara Wine(link) and be wowed at your New lifestyle. Bye Bye City! You now live 32 miles away on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario! Rural properties are a plenty too with acreage if that is what you are looking for. Call/text Will, Matt or Sally today and find out whats for Sale.