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How will the new lockdown regulations affect Niagara Region’s Real Estate Market?With lockdown measures back in place throughout Ontario, many are inquiring about how it will change real estate trades and operations.
Good News! We are still fully available to you. We are able to assist you in your buying, selling or leasing needs. However, there will be few changes in protocol, as safety is the top priority.
You can read the about the changes that will be in effect throughout Niagara and the province for real estate trades below:

What Does It Mean for Real Estate?

Real estate continues to be listed as an “essential service” by the Province. That means that real estate businesses and board offices can continue to operate while the Province is in Shutdown and real estate transactions can continue to close.

If we are going to avoid the worst-case scenario with the spread of the pandemic everyone has to do their part.

We will only conduct essential business and avoid face-to-face interactions with customers and clients unless it is absolutely necessary.

Instead, we will use technology like virtual showings, electronic signatures and virtual meetings to the greatest extent possible.

While real estate is deemed essential, there are restrictions that all brokerage offices and real estate boards have to follow, including:

  • Open houses are banned (including pre-construction) – in the whole province for two weeks and in Southern Ontario for four weeks. Scheduled in-person showings are permitted but should be used very sparingly and only in urgent situations.
  • Workplaces must screen any workers or essential visitors entering the work environment.
  • While indoors at a real estate brokerage or board office, all people MUST wear personal protective equipment that provides protection of the eyes, nose and mouth. PPE is required if a worker is required to come within 2 metres of another person who is not wearing a face covering and is not separated by a plexiglass or some other impermeable barrier.
  • All brokerage and board offices must limit capacity so that every member of the public is able to maintain two metres of physical distance from every other person and limit the people occupying any room that is open to the public to 50% capacity of that room; and,
  • Short-term rentals (e.g., cottages, cabins) can only to be provided to individuals who are in need of housing.

Please be assured that we are taking careful precautions to ensure safe business practices are in place. New Lockdown regulations won’t affect Niagara Region’s Real Estate Market in terms of stopping trades, we are just making things safer for you!

If you have any questions regarding our current business operations, please feel free to reach out to us.

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