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Welcome to our Neighborhoods of Niagara Section. We proudly introduce our Cities, Towns and Communities that reach from the luxurious shores of Lake Ontario to the Classic Beach dunes of Lake Erie, to you for your consideration. Niagara is a vast area that offers every type of housing choice, price and community for you and your family. And we know them all very well. It is not uncommon for us to list a home in Ridgeway, bring a Buyer to Thorold, and close a deal in Niagara-on-the-Lake all on the same day! Have a look at our Sales History and just see the Neighbourhoods we sell. No other Niagara Team covers the Niagara Peninsula like the Miller Group.

We have compiled what we hope is an informative introduction to the wonderfully varied Niagara Neighborhoods you can consider with your new move to Niagara. Having troubles making a choice of a new locale? That’s more common then you think. And that’s where we can help. We recommend the famous “Miller Group Neighbourhood Tour” where you select up to 3 neighbourhoods/cities or towns and we travel Caravan style and visit 6 to 8 listings all with an informative discussion about each you have selected. We feel only an informed decision by informed local knowledge can assist you in making the right choice for your next move. We look forward to setting a side some time to spend with you. Call/text us today and book your Miller Group Neighbourhood Tour.


Grimsby is also the birthplace of a now forgotten Hollywood director, Del Lord. He rose to acclaim as the director of most of the Three Stooges short vaudeville comedies.

Canada’s first Chautauqua was established in 1859 in Grimsby Park and Beach, but by 1900 interest had declined and by 1909 it had ceased. The Village of Grimsby was officially incorporated in 1876 and Grimsby became a town in 1922. Here we go Grimsby, here we go!


Wine Country extraordinaire. Niagara’s Garden of Eden. Last count there were 45 wineries along the Niagara Wine Route that links the Neighbourhoods of PELHAM, JORDAN, JORDAN STATION and FONTHILL.

Plums, peaches, nectarines, pears, cherries, grapes, apricots, flowers, orchid greenhouses and let’s not forget about cannabis ( yup all legal now) are in your neighbouring fields. This is the best soil in Ontario and what a backdrop for the lucky ones who chose to live along Niagara’s wine route.

Many country properties, some waterfront, some small new townhouse developments, some large new neighbourhood developments.

St. Catharines

Hello World! Maybe it’s the established neighbourhoods of Glenridge, the North End, Grapeview or Port Dalhousie and Port Weller with their spectacular sunsets over Lake Ontario? With so many choice neighbourhoods, St. Catharines is a favorite new Port of Call for the Greater Toronto Area.

Looking for Lakeside living? Check. Want Mid Century Modern? It’s a go! Looking to build a Custom infill or modernize a turn of the Century home? Lots of opportunities. Budget says keep it reasonable? You got it.

The City of St. Catharines offers very affordable homes in many pockets. Ideal as well for the Investor/Student/Retiree. Ask the Miller Group for more information on the “Garden City” with its revitalized downtown core, the Meridian Centre (Ice dogs Hockey!), the Brock Performing Arts Centre (yes Elton John sang for us!), the Welland Canal and all its history, big employers like GM, Brock University, The Niagara Health Network (fantastic new Hospital), the prestigious Ridley College Private School and the Wine industry. Oh and did we mention the future Go Train Service? St. Catharines will be an easy commute for those working in the GTA.

Let’s find your Forever Home together.

Niagara on the Lake

Virgil: Sleepy Virgil has woken up! Once a bedroom community of Old Town, it now is home to several new restaurants, coffee shops, bike rentals, and the mother ship, a new LCBO. Housing choice is plenty with Older 1100 sqft Bungalows(many renovated)on big mature lots, 10yr old Bungalows and 2 Storey homes,

Brand New Town Homes and Single Detached homes, Estate lots to lovely Country Properties, wineries and farm land. The Miller Group is very familiar with septic systems, cisterns, wells and acreage pricing. Car travel time to Old Town is approx. 5 min. By Bike, 15 min.

St. Davids: Is Exploding! What can we say except this centre of NOTL is loved by many a newcomer. Bordering the City of Niagara Falls, the St. Davids Bench and the Niagara Escarpment cradle much of the estate lot homes and new single detached and town homes of St. Davids.

A favorite choice for those looking to be near many wineries, golf courses, the shops of Niagara Falls, the US Border and major highways. Housing stock offers excellent choices with some very attractive Modern Custom homes, country properties and new developments of varying prices and sizes. Car Travel time to Old Town is approx 15 min. By Bike 40 min. The Miller Group can represent your interests if you are looking to buy a new build from the builder. Call/text/email us for details.

Lakeshore: The Lakeshore Neighbourhood of Niagara-on-the-Lake starts near the mouth of the Welland Canal in St. Catharines(link) and follows the Lake shore of Lake Ontario as it meanders through a glorious green countryside of Vineyards, Wineries(link of Konzelman etc), Farm land, Peach Orchards, Seasonal Fruit Stands( link), and Cottage Country to the Gates of Historic Old Town on Mary St. Drive down one of the many Firelanes just off Lakeshore Road (yes that is what they are called and the name really tells the story; firetrucks need to know what small lane way you live on with many created for the farmers to move their equipment) and enter a very special world. Expect to find fabulous 4 Season Waterfront Luxury Properties neighbouring quaint Summer Cottages of days gone by.

Looking for a Sunset? This is the place to be. The Lake front offers simply the best views of the Toronto Skyline and with the sun going down? Spectacular! Settle in with your Muskoka Chair and a glass of Niagara Wine(link) and be wowed at your New lifestyle. Bye Bye City! You now live 32 miles away on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario! Rural properties are a plenty too with acreage if that is what you are looking for. Call/text Will, Matt or Sally today and find out whats for Sale.

Niagara on the Green: People are often surprised that NOTL extends to the other side of the QEW. That’s right, Niagara College, The Outlet Shopping Mall and the neighbourhood of Niagara-on-the Green bordering a Golf Course all have a NOTL address. Townhomes and Single Detached Homes are priced very well and offer investors, students and their parents, and families a chance to get in the NOTL housing market. Mostly 2-Storey homes with a sprinkle of detached bungalows. Car Travel to Old Town is approx. 20 min. By Bike 60 min.

West Lincoln

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Pelham Township was part of Welland County since the late 1780s. The Town of Pelham (est. 1970) derived its name from Pelham Township which was so named by John Graves Simcoe in the 1790s. Simcoe gave names to the Townships of Niagara that were created to provide land for Loyalist refugees, disbanded troops former rangers and others after the British defeat in the Revolutionary War (which ended in 1783).

At the beginning, the townships were only numbered and not named. The policy of Simcoe was to adopt township names from England. Pelham was named after the Pelham family though it unsure which particular Pelham family member it is attributed to – either Henry Fiennes Pelham-Clinton (nephew to 2 Prime Ministers and considered powerful and influential), or Charles Anderson Pelham (a quiet MP who spoke only once in 26 years in the House of Commons).[2]

The Comfort Maple Tree is estimated to be Canada’s oldest surviving Sugar Maple tree, approximately 500 years old. Named after the Comfort family on whose land the tree was located and the Comfort family deeded the area of the tree to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation authority. It has been designated a Conservation site for its biological and historical significance.

In 1970, the Town of Pelham unified five historical communities: Fonthill, Ridgeville, Effingham, North Pelham and Fenwick into a single town covering 126.42 square kilometres.


Home of the Canal Bank Shuffle, Thorold’s annual Blues Festival, Ontario’s Brock University, and the Welland Canal Museum. Thorold is perched above the City of St. Catharines which makes it an ideal bedroom community for the GTA and other parts of Niagara. Bustling Neighbourhoods are lined with historic rowhouses and independent small local stores.

New food, cool spots and eclectic culture are becoming the new landscape of Thorold. The area has a variety of architecture from historic homes, colonials, modest 1960’s bungalows to new suburban developments. Some student housing and investment opportunities. Many Commuter routes to major highways.


When we say Welland, one thinks of the Welland Canal that runs from Lake Erie past Wellandport, Thorold and St. Catharines, and empties into Lake Ontario.

Rich in this Ontario History, Welland is also home to Niagara College, a large Francophone community and the International Rowing Basin. Welland is a growing City with over 52,000 people. It’s home to Hunter’s Pointe, Niagara’s premier Adult Lifestyle community, classic established neighbourhoods like Prince Charles, and South Pelham homes.

There is a variety of housing choice for every budget.

Niagara Falls

We know you know this place. But the FALLS is way more than the tourist district, the Niagara Water Falls and Casinos.

Dollar for Dollar, there is good value in any number of neighbourhoods whether your desire is a home for the rich and famous (Calaguiro Estates, Mount Carmel, Niagara River Pkwy) for a family (the North End, Stanford, Kalar, Beaverdams, Dorchester Gardens, Greenwood, Chippawa or a country estate (Lyons Creek, Schisler, McLeod Rd) the City of Niagara Falls offers so much choice.

It’s a big geographical area and not to be taken lightly by those with no understanding other than a REALTOR.CA print out in hand. Let The Miller Group help you navigate these waters.


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Port Colborne

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Fort Erie

We’ve got Beaches! Who knew Southern Ontario was blessed with such gorgeous white sand beaches?! Some say better than the Caribbean. The “South Coast” offers a lifestyle hard to beat. Long summers, long growing seasons, great swimming, sailing, Historical Re enactments for the History buff and the Cycle path which is built on the old railway and starts down by the Fort and runs through the delightful small town neighbourhoods of Kraft Rd, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Sherkston right through to the canal in the City of Port Colborne (we’ve rode it many a time).

In fact, you can start in NOTL at the opening of the Canal at Lake Ontario and cycle all the way up along St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland, Port Colborne, turn left and ride down to Fort Erie (better yet, ask us when we are looking at houses and we will show you the route). Established neighbourhoods of Fort Erie proper are still affordable. Beach front properties offer 3 and 4 season homes; some needing renovations, others brand custom builds. New building developments offers Retirement communities and family homes.

The region is Ideal for those that can telecommute to large cities. The Miller Group has legacy and deep understanding of Beach House country having family roots in the area for over 120 years. We are one of very few Realtor Groups who have sold both Lake Erie Waterfront and Lake Ontario Waterfront properties.

There is a Niagara Out There for Everyone, Let us Help You Find It